Hello & Welcome,

Allow me to introduce myself, Brian Allerton from the UK.

I am a divorced, father of 3 (which I raised myself) and now a grandfather of 6.
I keep busy (offline) with a range of hobbies which include magic, genealogy, and travel.
My long time partner & I love to discover the historical sites around the UK and travel abroad. My favourites include Egypt, Hawaii, Niagara Falls, Hollywood & St.Louis and cruising the Caribbean & Mediterranean seas. Visited Brazil in late 2011 followed by China in 2012!!

Now retired, we have recently visited S.E. Asia on a cruise and visited the USA  (Round trip Georgia to St.Louis and Knoxville) prior to the Covid-19 outbreak.

I have been online for several years now and like everyone else when starting out, spent long hours, and too much cash learning to create an online business. Yes, I found and believed (!) all the hype and false promises out there. Now much older & wiser I am focusing on learning and putting to good use all the training, tools and support from within GlobanNPN and Wealthy Affiliate, and offers that provide great value to anyone serious about creating an online presence and income.

I intend to continue with my online business and hope for even greater success. I hope you can join me on the journey by being my partner and buddy! If I can help in any way please don’t hesitate to contact me and likewise, I look forward to your friendship & support. That’s what friends are for!
Regards, Brian

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